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A Note From Our Founder

Yes, I am critical of the LGBTQ, but don't kid yourself. The LGBTQ is my community. I marched on Washington at nineteen for gay and lesbian rights; I bleed the rainbow. But, we in the LGBTQ have either lost our way or are unaware of what the LGBTQ has turned into. We have gone from a soft place to fall to a recruiting agency, and the LGBTQ should have nothing to sell. 

Take a look at what a heart of fire looks and sounds like; it's obvious these SCREAMS? They are for my kids; my life and fire allowed me to be here for them and now for your kiddos.

Newsweek was the first mainstream media to acknowledge the crisis happening to children internationally. It took two people with hearts on fire, thousands of emails, hundreds of calls, and many sleepless nights.....But we did it! 

...Now You SCREAM


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