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Trans Stories

The most significant percentage of trans adults do not believe that medical transitioning is for kids. The problem is we are; living our lives not involved in activism. We now realize we have to step up and tell the truth for our children and yours. 


Medical transition is a life journey that does help a few, but the key is this: It doesn't help many! Seriously, it does not!. What if you knew the majority of older trans sit around and say this to each other? "Medical transitioning made my gender dysphoria worse; all I do is focus on it now!" Would it shock you? If you think about it, it does make sense.


Another angle would be this:


A young girl goes to therapy for anorexia, and the therapist prescribes daily classes on the benefit of starvation, followed by an hour of standing in front of the mirror saying, "I'm fat!" 


Crazy right? It would not happen! But that's precisely what the medical industry is doing. They are doing it because they have a lifelong revenue of 1.3 million for each child caught. It guarantees pharma gets business one way or another, either synthetic estrogen or synthetic testosterone. 


Now the people that medical transitioning does help seem to be grounded in realism and understand that it's cosmetic and doesn't cure anything; it can enhance as cosmetic surgery does.


​In the last few years, dozens of trans people have stepped up to defend women's rights, safeguarding children and fighting fearlessly against the unicorn farts and glitter bombs of the LGBTQ, to which we do not feel a part of any longer. Below are just a few.

These trans people have told me how much they appreciate TReVoices as a place to finally and safely tell their stories since, on social media, they tend to receive a lot of backlashes. 

Here are some of their stories.

Scott Newgent - TReVoices Founder



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We do not agree on everything 100%, but these trans and friends are rational and listen to others through an eye of empathy!


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Aaron Kimberly-Trans man 


Join us for a compassionate yet heterodox approach to the question of trans.

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Trans Rational Voices

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Texas Trans Lady Trans woman

"Why is transition, especially medical treatment, pushed as the only answer to the "epidemic of trans suicide"? I will gladly advocate for mental health access for anyone, and I feel it's especially important for people with dysphoria. Why aren't we more concerned about the risk of suicide in LGB youth?"

Texas Trans @TXTrans on Twitter

Read the rest of TX Trans Lady's article.

Aaron Kimberly - Trans man - GDAC Canada


Medical transition became an addiction. The illusion only works if we’re lucky enough to pass and everyone else plays along perfectly. It’s an exhausting game of whack-a-mole to dodge the reminders of my female past and female biology. How is that kind of dissociation desirable?


Read more of Aaron's story here.

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Claudia Mclean - Trans woman



"These trans [men] athletes have an unfair advantage over their female competitors. The reason is that they are stronger, by far than women, rendering such competitions, whatever the sport, unfair." 

Read the rest of Claudia's story.

Anonymous Andre - Trans man

​"I'm a FTM who tried to detransition. But it wasn't believable, mostly because of ... the testosterone exacerbating a mental illness. (multiple studies have been done where testosterone causes mania in women and estrogen prevents psychosis - I'd love to see doctors looking at those studies rather than the political trans agenda). I wholeheartedly agree ... that transitioning is not for kids."

Read the rest of Andre's story here.

Harley - Trans Man

"Luckily, today there is more information and knowledge around gender dysphoria than when I transitioned. My advice? Take advantage of it."

Read Harley's story here

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Eden Walker - Trans woman


"My perspective is unique, with the fact that I am a post-operative transsexual woman, and I have gone through all of the requirements needed to participate in competitive women's sporting events."

Read the rest of Eden's story.

Todd A. Whitworth - Trans man

"I transitioned as an adult. When it comes to medically transitioning children, I urge caution. Children are cognitively immature and very impulsive. They cannot fully understand the commitment and risks that come with medical transition."

Read Todd's story here.

Miranda Yardley - Trans Woman

Transwoman and British accountant Miranda Yardley has been speaking out against medicalization of gender-questioning kids since at least 2013.

Read one of Miranda's articles here

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