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Think of a way

How can we get the truth out about butchering an entire generation of children under the guise of love?


What is your idea? I want to hear your thoughts.

Hand in hand, all of us is the only way to stop kids the fastest.

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How to get the word out?

How do we SCREAM Louder & further? 

Think about it. Don't just read this information and be shocked and appalled. Get involved. How can you help save kids faster?

What can you do?

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can I write

Are you a writer? Do you have a story? Are you a parent? Trans? De-Trans? Medical Professional?

It's time to put the pencil on the paper, my friend and SCREAM Louder!

I can help you get published! Or a Blog post but hold yourself accountable if you are a writer.

The pen is the most powerful sword, always has been and always will be. Use it!

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can i promote

Are you a networker? Do you know how to get people connected? Do you know someone who knows someone who knows someone that can help our SCREAMS get louder and further?


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