TReVoices is building a bipartisan, international army to protect our children, hold the medical industry accountable, and educate society about the dangers of transgender extremism. Meet some of our soldiers working hard to build a circle around our most precious resource: our children.

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A Message From Our Founder - Scott Newgent


Statement from TReVoices: Who We Will Work With


Due to the volume of politicians, parents, and health professionals around the world looking for help to stop childhood medical transition; we at TreVoices have created a statement of whom we will and who will not work with. In an effort to not waste each other's valuable time; please read. If you accept and need help; by all means, reach out to us.


In the common interest of preventing the medicalization of gender-questioning kids, I will work with just about anyone. But I do have a few stipulations. 


  •  will not work with a hate-filled person who uses religion as an excuse to be a bigot. I don’t care what your beliefs are about sexuality. But transgenderism is not about sexuality. As long your opinions don’t hurt others and you're not picketing gay funerals or weddings, I’m good to go. In return, I won’t ask you to believe what I do. 

  • This can’t be about getting your name in the paper or furthering your career with evangelicals, feminists, the gay community, or any other community. This is partly the reason we are allowing a generation of children to have mutilated minds, bodies, and souls - because people won’t put aside their own agendas. The only “I’m right” for me is saving kids’ lives from medical transition. And yes, lives are at stake!

  •  You have to vehemently care, and you must feel some accountability for how lost parents are. You have to be infuriated that the medical industry is using our cherished LGB kids, awkward kids, autistic kids, gifted kids, mentally ill kids, foster care kids, and all the other kids who can’t cope with their emotions in puberty. You have to shake awake at night with a pit in your stomach for these children and their parents. You have to be RELENTLESS. 


So if you can agree to all of the above, I’ll work with you. If you join the TReVoices team, understand this: I will give you more time and energy than you ever thought was humanly possible. Because as scared as you think you are about medically transitioning kids, as a transman myself, I can say you don’t have a clue how scared you should be. If you understand that and can replace your child’s face with all those gender-questioning kids being led like lambs to the slaughter,  well, then you got a partner. 

"Now Let's SCREAM Shall We?" - Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child!


Scott Newgent - TReV Founder


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