To Everyone Who Is Not Trans….Why don't you let us trans speak for our own community

Politics and human rights have exploded with the trans debate, and everyone has an opinion from Susie Green, the head of Mermaids to JK Rollings and everyone in-between.

While it's good to have discussions, I would like to point out something that is becoming more and more abundantly clear. Where are the trans adults? I am trans, I have started an organization, TreV – Trans Rational Educational Voices and getting our voices in the mainstream news is a struggle and it got me wondering why?

I believe it is because of two reasons. The first is that people think the trans debate is about human rights, LGBT rights, to be exact. Whenever the LGBT is involved, we have a large sector of society that jumps on vigorously to ensure they are not considered a bigot. Now, that would be great if the LGBT was a rational organization that contemplated stances, used good judgment and care, but unfortunately, they are not known as being reasonable.

Don't believe me, jump on the web, and look up sexuality flags & you will be appalled unless one of the fetishes is something you are into, then it's the most exceptional organization that ever lived.

Oh wow, the LGBT has just coined a, "I'm a half baked/front baked/quarter bisexual that likes to jump while yelling, "I'm here and I'm Queer," Flag....

Thank God I was feeling so alone.

The second reason is that the trans phenomenon has billions of dollars of revenue attached to it, and everyone wants a piece. From $24,000 per year per trans identifying child that starts hormone blockers, trans surgeons like Dr. Crane charged my insurance company and me $247,000 for my phallo surgery, including complications.

Is it that as a society, we have embraced men wearing dresses that want to be women, or is it a business strategy?

Remember, it took the LGBT almost 60 years to gain same-sex marriage rights. Still, it only took Mermaids the organization in the UK, representing trans a couple of years to get gender packets to every student to start primary school at the age of five.

"Get them young and impressionable," is probably on the whiteboard in the Mermaid's conference room, and every member touches the board whispering to themselves reciting the mantra,"young and Impressionable, Young and Impressionable.

Yet we are back to my question. Where are all the trans? I look around, and I see a couple of very strategic voices that are raising their hands saying,

Ummm excuse me, I'm trans, can I please speak?

The answer is inevitable;

Aw, no, go away. I'm arguing with this Mom who started transiting their child at four because she liked GI Joes, and that's way more important that you speaking about something you have done.

Being transgender and medical transition does not have a scientific process for diagnosis. A diagnosis for gender dysphoria is a;

I think

I want

I need

Attachment and based on feelings. We know human beings have trouble sifting through what is best when emotions are involved. Yet, we are rushing kids and adults to medically transitioning at the 1st sign of gender discomfort. Does this seem right to you?

When is the last time society did the right thing when there were billions of dollars attached to it?

Why don't we go a bit further, how about we let the trans talk that doesn't have six-inch beards with red lipstick on and hairy balls?

At the forefront of the trans debate are these biological men arguing with gynecologists about needing an abortion because they had sex and haven't had their period in six weeks. These are the current transgender leaders, and it would be funny if it weren't the truth.

I realize that is a drastic visual, but someone has to shake society awake before we butcher the next generation of kids with harmful drugs and surgery because they were having a hard time with puberty.

News flash

Most of us, since the beginning of time had a hard time with puberty, nothing new and no need to butcher our children so you feel like you are supporting the LGBT.

Can you just let the trans talk for the love of Christ?

FYI, journalists....

I'm pretty controversial myself! Do you want attention? Give me the spotlight I'll shock you with a reality that will knock you out screaming,

"Oh, my God, did he just say what I thought he said?"

The answer would be yes, why yes I did, I don't have the balls to do it...Pun intended I'm a transman.


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