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Hormones change moods. Why would we believe children can regulate large doses of cross-sex hormones on opposite birth gender hormones while navigating marginalization & learning how to present opposite genders?

From experiencing medical transition myself, I can confidently say we will soon have young adults with internal emotional war wounds that we have no idea how to help.

The only long-term 30-year study that followed 324 medically transitioned adults tells us that completing medical transition leads to a 6 time higher suicide rate than non-trans adults. I believe this is because we do not want to look at the challenges and interpret how to highlight who will and will not benefit from medical transition. After all, it will limit the new billion-dollar revenue stream.

But, understand that detransitioners does not tell us that medical transition does not work; it tells us that it does not work for some, for most if we are being honest. These detransitioners are essential to understand how to be better stewards to other human beings.

How can we logically believe allowing a suicidal child to decide on medical transitioning with knowing that they will have a six-time higher chance of committing suicide than non-trans adults seven to ten years after the completion of medical transition is a fix for suicidal ideations?

When you break down medically transitioning from a logical place, it is illogical and has nothing to do with a belief system based on or off of bigotry. Religion has no place in this debate because it detours from saving kids. If you have a holy fire telling you medical transition is wrong for kids, then take the approach that will stop it the fastest - Leave religion out of the discussion!

We cannot allow the better, alive daughter than a dead son; objection to go unchallenged any longer. When you throw this at scared parents, they have nowhere to go, and the people that created this phrase knew what they were doing. What they conveniently left out is they were wrong; and they have potentially tee'd up the biggest suicide epidemic the world has ever seen. The 7-10 year trans suicide itch is coming, people, why do you think us older trans are screaming.

If a person is suicidal, they should begin treatment for suicidal ideations, and medical transition should become null and void until mental health is back in place.

I get so many opinionate people telling me I'm too passionate, angry, intense; caught me. But as a parent and someone who has medically transitioned, I know what's coming for these kids, you do not. If people knew there would be rioting, there would be screaming; there would be people lining up to donate to the TReVoices - TRans Adult Speaking Tour. People would be lifting trans voices like mine because they would understand we have nothing in place to catch these kids, nothing. All we have is an affirmation and a fast track to medical transition.

We all have seen the war movies with the war medical stations in the middle of nowhere right? Do you know what I am talking about? The dingy temporary medical hospitals erected in the jungle and deserts constructed with puny tents and supplies? We have all seen the horrific scenes with helicopters bringing soldiers with severed limbs and gunshot wounds. We have watched the medics as they walk over dead bodies trying to get the alive and wounded to the doctors as they analyze the possibility of their survival and the cost it would take to save them as they calculate the decision of whether they will receive medical treatment,

"This solider is not going to make it, hook up an IV of morphine up, and make them comfortable for death."

These conditions will look like the UCLA Medical Center compared to the preparations we have to help these children deal with the seven to ten-year suicide itch; this is what we call it in the trans community.

The mental health industry is not prepared; they are too busy dusting off the glittering bursts of pink grenades being launched at them with hundred dollar bills to have enough time to plan.

Three years into my transition, I was having a hard time coping, and I went to a therapist and expressed my difficulties, and her comment was,

"You look comfortable; you look like a handsome, strong, intelligent-looking man; why on earth are you questioning your transition? You are a man."

This is the current mental health come back. Now, I was a 45-year-old grounded, successful adult; you tell me how a 20-year-old former suicidal teenager will handle this?

I realize what I am trying to do with the, - "It's time for trans to talk," speaking tour Is a significant endeavor

Trust me, I don't want to dip into the emotional, time, and energy tank needed to do this. But, with the type of personality I have, I can not; not do it, and I am willing to make the sacrifices needed. All I need from you is help with whatever you have to offer.

Donate, find me a corporate donor, talk about this in podcasts, write about it, famous people tweet, mom's and dad's scream, religious people lift (But without judgement). All I need is a little bit from everyone, and I will give everything I have to help prepare to save these kids.

In the famous words from the movie Jerry Maguire

Help Me, Help These Kids!

Donate, let's make TReVoice - "It's time for trans to talk," speaking tour. Kids need to be saved; please help.

Scott Newgent


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