Trans Adults Are Being Silenced & We Are Trying To Save Your Kids!

We are little but powerful with passion; we are trans adults who have come out of the closet to save other people's kids from the mutilation. We are standing up for women's rights and acknowledging biology for what it is, unbendable.

The media will not amplify our voices, and whether people want to believe it or accept that this is a conspiracy that pharma is behind doesn't matter. Think what they want, but we are mutilating a generation of kids; just ask us trans adults; we have done it, and medical transitioning is a decision for adults to make about their own lives.

I was like most trans adults, in the closet working next to you without your knowledge. I was not part of twitter or Trans Politics, and even though for most here, it's a day to day discussion, twitter is not the world. The world does not know what is happening to kids. All they hear is arguing about the bathroom issue, and they hear LGBT, and they immediately jump or the side of organizations like Mermaids, which is a central part of the problem.

The LGBT & Mermaids has ignorant celebrities, the knee jerk reaction of society to stand behind the LGBT. They have corporations that want to be seen as progressive, without understanding they are supporting the most influential bigotry in modern time. What they do not have and should cause instant alarm is trans adults; we disagree with them in the majority.

Pushing marginalization onto children that would not decide in adulthood with critical thinking development is the core of what bigotry is. Increase financials by 35% trigger instant investigations within the financial area. Still, nothing is being investigated because we believe the LGBT/Mermaids is about love and acceptance, which is not the case, my friends.

When was the last time you saw gay and lesbians on a street corner holding up signs saying,

"Don't let the LGBT near your children; they will turn them, homosexual?"

You haven't, and you never will because homosexuality is ingrained within a self that either is or is not.

Being trans is not an ingrained force; it's a want, a desire, a feeling, and we all know that this can be manipulated. As much as I hate to admit it because it's embarrassing, I wanted to be a male. There is nothing magical with that statement, no umbrella to ease the embarrassment; it is what it is, the truth.

Suppose we make being trans into a glittery burst of something it is not, a diagnosis of an incorrect birth gender, a brain not matching body. In that case, we can convince parents & kids much easier to accept the diagnosis and to fill the prescription. If we instill parents with the terror of,

"Better an alive daughter than a dead son."

We create tragic acceptance. Parents see their child in the coffin when being told they will commit suicide without complete compliance, and that is emotional extortion, and it's not right, and it's criminal, and people need to go to prison for it.

Using the innate instinct, all parents have to protect their children is criminal. Especially with the fact that suicidal ideations increase yearly after the medical transition, they are significantly higher than the pre-medical transition within five to seven-year, but they conveniently leave this critical information out. They are lying to you.

I want you to really think about this. Trans adults are screaming, trying to warn you that we are being silenced. Being silenced means we cannot get to the parents that are not on twitter or ingrained in trans politics, and these numbers are the majority. Muffling us ensures that all the trans you are sitting next to at work that do not know what is happening with kids, biology, and women & they stay silent, blocked by the illusion that these topics are about trans rights, LGBT rights. Muffling us ensures kids are not safe.

I know with every fiber of my being that when other trans adults like myself see the depth of what is happening, you will see a force and experience marginalized people's hearts. I am one transman that figured out what was happing because I was dying because of trans health; I was forced to figure it out. Now, can you imagine thousands of "Scott Newgent" rising up saying,

"They are doing what to kids? Oh, no no no no no and hell no."

Help me find thousands of "Scott Newgent's" and put an end to the mutilation of body and minds by the medical industry.

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