We work to ensure the community and local leaders have the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to make a real change in society. We see our campaigns as concerted efforts and tools for connecting and building a more substantial 'Trans Community' one where all humanity is considered to move together, protecting all while holding to one's uniqueness through the power of all.

Join us; the most challenging part is to start, pick up the phone today...


See where our hands have been so far in the change that is coming.


Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughter.

Abigail Shrier - TReVoices was consulted, and Mr. Newgent's story  is documented under "Blake." The story outlines the medical issues that he endured due to a failed Phalloplasty by Dr. Curtis Crane. 

This surgeon has several medical malpractices against him without receiving one discipline. 

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