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JD is an award-winning author, journalist, with words at Huffington Post, AfterEllen, Curve, Quillette, Feminist Current, and more

Detrans Youth Stories they Didn’t Want you to Hear, in 60 Minutes, or Less.

Back in January, a producer at 60 Minutes reached out. She was gathering information for a segment focused on young detransitioners, and was determined to learn all she could and get the story right. She was understandably hesitant about covering a topic that’s been aggressively censored in the mainstream media. By the time the segment aired, the focus of the piece had taken a turn — Gender ideologists had caught wind of the segment in March, and after putting pressure on the network, gender ideology propaganda was given the floor. Detransitioners were cut short. Nonetheless, this small step was still a major step. After all, much effort has gone into ensuring that detransitioned youth remain invisible. And although the time allotted to detransitioners was abbreviated, the opposition still condemned 60 minutes for giving them any time at all.

As expected, GLAAD vilified 60 Minutes for allowing detransitioners a forum to speak. Six years ago, GLAAD formally announced that they had dropped “Gay & Lesbian” from their name, thenceforth to be known only as GLAAD, explaining that the name change was to reflect their new work more accurately… Given that the statistical majority of so-called “trans youth” would otherwise grow up to be gay — if allowed to grow up and reach full cognitive brain development — the move to drop “Gay and Lesbian” from their name does actually reflect, quite accurately, the way they’ve turned their backs on LGB youth.

GLAAD started off a seven part Twitter thread stating, “Tonight @60Minutes @LesleyRStahl aired a shameful segment fearmongering about trans youth. Parents of trans youth could walk away with the false belief that young people are being rushed into medical transition. That is simply untrue.” However there are mounds of evidence proving it is true, and that young people are being greatly harmed.

Athena, detransitioner, double mastectomy at age 16, is writing a book about her experience GLAAD‘s statement went on to promote the medicalization of “trans youth” and advised the public to trust the medical industry — even though most of these youth would otherwise grow up to be LGB, and the medical industry, along with Big Pharma, have a long dark history of putting profits before patients. GLAAD further expressed disapproval towards raising concerns where the safety and well-being of kids are concerned, and discouraged anyone from considering the collateral damage (traumatized young people, physically and emotionally scarred). They stated, “As the piece noted, every major medical association supports affirming, age-appropriate care for trans youth and the guidelines for that care are safe and well-established. And yet, the majority of the story was devoted to ‘raising concerns’ about youth accessing that care.”

Everyone should be raising concerns. 75% of kids who experience “gender dysphoria” (confusion regarding gender expectations), would organically grow up to be LGB, and 85% would organically grow up to be LGB or straight. That’s 85% who would desist, and a small minority, 15%, that would persist. These numbers change drastically with each step of social and medical transition — We’re currently in the midst of a massive human rights scandal.

While a great number of young people have come forward to say they were deeply harmed, corporations that were once set up to protect LGB youth — like HRC, ACLU, and GLAAD — have done all they can to sweep them under a rug.

Charle Evans, bisexual desister: “13.6K detrans/desisted men and women have just had their community taken away…”

Garrett, a young gay man, a detransitioner who was given airtime on 60 Minutes, has been very open about what happened to him. Surgeries were performed on him between the ages of 21 and 22 — This is before he would’ve had a chance to reach full cognitive brain development. The prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that forms identity and understands repercussions, doesn’t fully form till after 25.

HRC was featured in the 60 minutes segment. Yet toddlers are being labeled, as young as 1, children are being medicalized, as young as 8, and double mastectomies are being performed on children, as young as 12. LGB youth are particularly in danger of being medicalized before they have a chance to reach full maturity. Garrett, who was ‘treated,’ before most car rental companies would be willing to rent him a car, has said, “Everyday I wake up and am reminded of the fact that I was allowed an orchiectomy – removal of the testicles – only around 3 months into my transition.” A week after getting breast implants, Garrett became suicidal for the first time in h