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TReVoices Is the Leading Org Fighting to Stop Childhood Medical Transition Worldwide!

Led by transman/lesbian Scott Newgent, our relentless SCREAMING to 'STOP Medically Transitioning Children' has been and continues to be heard everyday World - Wide! 
Make sure we can continue - We Need Your Help - Donate Today.


Unfortunately, it does cost money to maintain this website and remain available to people seeking answers about medically transitioning children. Need Help. A Little Goes A Long Way. Support Us With A Gift: 


"I Believe In What You Are Doing!'


If you are reading this right now, you've probably experienced the sting and devastation of gender ideology and its effects on children worldwide. I can go further with that stink and tell you with experience that we are heading to a much worse place than you can imagine. We have a huge fight. 


But here is the good news? 


We have the heart and radiant white light of being right, the right side of the battle. The value you serve here today as you read all of this information is significant; you are in the minority of people who have been exposed to the truth. 


Every SCREAM, every gift, every nod is thrown our way? It keeps us going, and every little bit is a supercharge of:


"We believe in you. KEEP GOING. You are making a difference, and I see you!"


SCREAM Louder....All Of Us From Every Community.


For This We Stand Together, 


'Medical Transitioning Is No Place For A Child.'


All are welcome, all are loved, and all are seen.


Scott Newgent

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