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A Note From TreVoices Founder:

Every child convinced they are trans and begins medical transition represents 1.3 million in a lifetime revenue for pharma. This number does not include the cosmetic surgery side.

Listen, my older sister has said ever since I can remember, "You rock what you got, you roll what you into, and you do you!" Honestly, no one can say that with the attitude my sister does any better. You do you! But, you do you as an adult and do you with all the information needed to make decisions. 

The truth is that medical transition comes with significant health complications; (See Top 12 Complications Of Medical Transition Here) it doesn't cure anything (See Retracted Studies Here), and we are up against a new billion-dollar industry that is protected by unicorn farts and glitter bombs within the LGBTQ.

We need an ARMY!

Come on now; ya'll rock what you got:

Radical Feminists
Liberal Feminists
Straight People
Homosexual People
A Sexual People
People Who Like Green
People Who Drink Wine & Have Green Eyes

...Man, listen, I hope I am making a point! For us to save these kids? 

We have to grab hands. Once kids are safe, we can arrange for one big verbal brawl and tear each other up. But right now? Grab my hand, and welcome to my ARMY!

Scott Newgent - Who's Ready To SCREAM .........Louder?