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The Truth About Medical Transition

What Parents Need To Know -Explained By Transgender Adults

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You’ve come to the right place for all the research you need to back up why medical transition is no place for a gender-questioning child! Gender dysphoria may not be permanent, with much evidence to support that the feeling may ebb and flow, including the existence of desisters and detransitioners. We need to recognize this fact and proceed accordingly.  

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If you find this page useful, you'll also want to see the Studies page of The Society for Evidence Based Medicine

TReVoices is committed to helping you learn the facts and reality so you can impart that knowledge to your child and make the best medical decisions for your family. We have included as many peer-reviewed articles as possible as well as links to unbiased and balanced outlets. Sometimes the evidence is in the lack of it - not enough studies have been done or properly conducted. Much of the evidence is also unclear because studies were conducted on childhood-onset gender dysphoria and may not be applicable to adolescent-onset gender dysphoria. Of particular note, very few good, reliable studies have been conducted at all about detransitioners, so there is very little information about them - one way or the other.


Ideal studies would have controls, be conducted over long periods of time (ideally 8-10+ years), with a small enough loss to follow up, unflawed study instruments, unflawed analysis, and cohorts relevant to the patients seeking care. Unfortunately, much of the available evidence so far appears to be of low quality and unreliable, frequently with huge losses to follow up, thereby introducing massive uncertainties.

(With thanks to Loving Mum for the research assistance.)

Puberty Blockers

Education-Explanation Followed Up With Real Studies and Real Facts 

Parents are being lied to, and of course, you are! Puberty blockers prescribed to kids are eight times more profitable than when they are prescribed to adults.

To date, there has not been one long term study "over five years" on what the medication does or does not do to children, and it's not approved by the FDA to prescribe to gender-confused kids.

Cost For One Adult To Take Hormone Blockers For One Year = $4400 approx.

​Cost For One Child To Take Hormone Blockers For One Year = $52,258 approx.


We have no clue about the long-term effects, but we are starting to see early-onset osteoporosis in trans girls "biological males" in their early twenties. 

Pssst...Another tidbit worth mentioning:

The company that makes puberty blockers? Lupron was sued in 2003 for bribery and false advertising, forced to pay 874 million to the US Gov and deemed a criminal enterprise. This is the company that is saying,

"Yup, completely safe!"

Really Now? 

FACT: Profit eight times more prescribed to kids

FACT: No long term studies

FACT: Company that makes puberty blockers deemed a criminal empire by the US government

FACT: Not FDA Approved

FACT: Hormone blockers were created to lengthen the life of terminally ill patients with cancer; no one was worried about long term complications from this drug, and guess what?


They still aren't.

Puberty Blockers - Studies & Facts

Sweden Ends the Use of Puberty Blockers for <16 - May 5, 2021 - Link

UK analysis shows in every category that evidence is very low, including impact on GD, mental health, body image, global functioning, psycho-social functioning, cognitive functioning, bone density and adverse effects - October 2020 - Link

Dutch protocol is no longer being used as originally designed - 2/21/21 - Link

Another Dutch researcher also alarmed at misuse of protocol - October 2020 - Link

UK High Court rules puberty blockers experimental - 12/1/20 - Link

Caution warranted with puberty blockers - October 2020 Link

Lupron is a category X drug - Link

Increased possible mental health complications - June 3, 2020 - Link

Lasting health problems seem likely - February 2, 2017 - Link

Almost always a one-way ticket to hormones - December 11, 2020 - Link

No or little psychological benefit - July 2019 - Link

By puberty, the majority of child-onset GD sufferers cease to want to transition - 2018 - Link

PBs may lead to osteoporosis - April 2021 - Link

Puberty Blockers & Gender Dysphoria
Education-Explanation Followed Up With Real Studies and Real Facts 

Here is what we do know: The long-term use of synthetic hormone therapy shortens lives. Specifically, these medications are associated with an increased risk of heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, bone damage, liver and kidney failure, mental-health complications, and more. Almost a quarter of hormone-therapy patients on high-dose anabolic steroids (such as the testosterone taken by female-to-male transitioners) exhibit major mood-syndrome symptoms.


Between three and 12 percent go on to develop symptoms of psychosis.


Gender Dysphoria has an 82% success rate when it's treated with talk therapy. 82% come out the other end released from the grasp of GD with talk therapy. 

Guess what? In the US due to the TREVOR project and C6 in Canada? They are currently making another thing other than instant and immediate medical transition illegal.

"What makes you feel like you are transgender? <--Any therapist that says that? Licences can be suspended, and criminal charges can be filed!


UK analysis finds limited evidence for the effectiveness and safety of gender-affirming hormones in children and adolescents with GD, with all studies being uncontrolled and observational  and all outcomes of very low certainty - October 2020 - Link

Bone density issues - 2019 - Link

Higher risk for blood clots - 2/21/21 -  Link

Higher risk for heart disease - April 2019 - Link

Much reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure - November 16, 2017 - Link

Possible liver damage - November 18, 2016 - Link

Increases likelihood of sterility and infertility - June 2016 - Link

Not reversible - December 2020 - Link

Bias, not evidence, dominates WPATH “standards of care” - October 1, 2019 - Link

Long-term use may cause vaginal atrophy - April 2013 - Link

Mental health quality does not seem to improve in a statistically significant way - 2016 - Link

The Mayo Clinic's list of side effects - 2021 - Link

May cause brain to prematurely age - March 25, 2021 - Link

More high-qualities studies are needed, particularly for adolescent-onset GD/Endocrine Society and WPATH provide "practice guidelines" (not standards of care) - March 2021 -  Link 

Gender Dysphoria

Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) first named in peer-reviewed study - March 19, 2019 - Link


Whatever it's called, "ROGD" describes a new type of teenage-onset gender dysphoria - August 9, 2021 - Link

Gender dysphoria is now almost always conflated with transgenderism - January 24, 2018 - Link

More resources from Gender Dysphoria Alliance - Link

Possible link with poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) - June 2012 - Link

The End of Gender by Debra Soh - August 2020 - Link

Clinicians pressured to quickly diagnose and medicalize GD - April 2021 - Link    

Blank 3000 x 3000 copy 3.png

In 2008 StoneWall "LGBTQ UK"
Was Filing Bankruptcy!

In late 2008 they signed to promote "Mermaids." Mermaids is the leading organization pushing the medicalization of children.  Mermaids is run by Susan Green, a mother needing validation for medically transitioning her son before puberty. Her son did not have the chance to choose his life. He liked Barbies; I mean, come on, if that doesn't scream TRANS, what does? Any females that likes dirt, yup, TRANS!

In 2009, one year later, the "LGBTQ - UK" Did an about-face financially and had a 32% year over year growth.

Can you figure out why?
Medically Transitioning Children Is Not About Love People, It's About Money.

Enough with the Unicorn Farts and Glitter Bombs, don't allow the LGBTQ to hide from reality.

50 years ago, we within the LGBT screamed as loud as anyone could hear, 


"The LGBT is not after your kids; we just want the same rights."


We succeeded, but we have reneged on our promise. 

The New LGBTQ? 

They are infiltrating school systems. Your child's gender-confused is everyone's business but the business of their parents. Currently, around the world, gender-confused kids are being ripped from their parents to begin medical transition! 


Look into "Bill C6 Canada" "Trevor Project USA" "Australia Supreme Court In Session"


Every child convinced they are trans in childhood represents 1.3 million dollars to pharma within their lifetime. This number doesn't include surgeries or complications, and they are vast!

Being trans is nothing to promote. Do we deserve respect for our choice to transition medically? Yes, but that respect doesn't include recruiting children to make us feel better about our own decision! Yes, medical transition is a decision; it's plastic surgery. 

Our Founder Has Been Kicked Off -  Twitter - Reddit - Facebook & YouTube. As Well As Dealing With Serious Death Threats Because He Is  Outing Top Trans Doctors!
He is making people scared & they need to be scared because our founder? 

Relentless with the truth! 

He will NEVER STOP until Children Are Safe, Everywhere & In Every Country!

Mental Health-Correlations-Pychotherapeutic Treatments

The studies are very Clear! If you medically transiting your children, they will be more suicidal after the completion of medical transition. Specifically, 7-10 years after surgery is the highest point of suicide for transgender people, not before. Again, parents, you are being lied to.

"Regarding the emotional effects of transition, many activists will refer you to a 2018 Pediatrics journal article entitled "Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior." But the study reported therein was based on just three years of data—collected between 2012 and 2015.

What matters is the long term. And in this regard, the gold standard is a study of 324 medically transitioned adults based on 30-year longitudinal data. The authors found that completing sex-reassignment surgery was associated with "considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity" as compared to the general population. Kids who are suicidal before their transition will likely continue to be suicidal, and the most intense ideation often comes years after transitioning.

Here is a question to ask any medical professional that says you must medically transition your child at once. 

"Why is comorbidity so high with gender-confused kids? Why is it that these kiddos grow up to be gay, autistic, gifted or mentally ill? Why is that the case, doctor? Does medical transition help gay kids deal with being gay better, or do autistic kids adults adjust better after medical transition? Does medical transition help mental illness or help gifted intellectually deal with this gift/curse better?

Then sit back and listen to everything your doctors doesn't say! 

Psychotherapeutic studies showed that children adjust and are cured of mental illness after the medical transition? The ones they throw on the table with pamphlets conflating medical transition as a cure for suicidal ideation?

Every single one has been retracted, every time they throw a study at you? Respond,

"Umm Doctor, you do know that's been retracted right?"

Go a step further and find out the dates these studies were retracted below. I guarantee no doctor will spout these again! 

Mental Health