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When a marginalized person such as myself outs themselves for no other reason than to save other people's children, it's best to pay attention.


~Scott Newgent



TReVoices comprises TRans adults who understand the importance of acknowledging biology, women's rights, and safeguarding children from medical transitioning.  Currently, trans ideology has taken a dangerous path, and TReVoice's is exploding as the voice of reason for the TRans community. 

TReVoices promotes logical, loving solutions, partnering with politicians worldwide to develop laws and guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. 
Everyone's safety is essential, everyone matters, and we are building a new trans community.

Reach out today for help doing the same. 

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Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughter.

Abigail Shrier - TReVoices was consulted, and Mr. Newgent's story  is documented under "Blake." The story outlines the medical issues that he endured due to a failed Phalloplasty by Dr. Curtis Crane. 

This surgeon has several medical malpractices against him without receiving one discipline. 

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